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Explore Florida's Spanish Flavor!

Buen Provecho is a one-hour public television documentary that traces the Hispanic influence on Florida's cuisine. The documentary will premiere Sunday, June 30 at 7pm on WPBT2 .

About the Show

¡Buen Provecho! Florida’s Spanish Flavor premieres Sunday, June 30 at 7:00 p.m. on WPBT2. The one hour documentary explores Florida’s Spanish roots through its cuisine, while blending historical narrative with delicious recipes and vibrant locations. The documentary will premiere in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Ponce De Leon’s arrival in Florida.

Five centuries ago, Ponce de Leon arrived in “La Florida,” followed by Spanish explorers, settlers, and immigrants who would leave a lasting legacy of Hispanic influence. Hosted by James Beard award-winning chef and restaurateur, Michelle Bernstein, the documentary reveals these influences from the early conquistadors who brought seeds, spices and livestock to the wave of immigration from Spanish colonies in the Caribbean, infusing a distinctly Latin Flavor to Key West and Tampa to the more recent explosion of South American culture evident in the streets of Miami today.

As an added treat, Bernstein transports us from the past to the contemporary kitchen, where she demonstrates her take on some of the traditional Florida dishes. Her recipes will include a rich, hearty Spanish stew; a modern-day Minorcan pilau, a contemporary Cuban sandwich, and a fresh Peruvian-style ceviche.

Check out Michelle's Recipes!

Viva Florida 500

Buen Provecho will premiere during the Viva Florida 500 celebration. Viva Florida 500 highlights the 500 years of historic people, places and events in present-day Florida since the arrival of Juan Ponce de León. The Viva Florida 500 commemoration is ongoing throughout 2013, and includes more than 200 events statewide. For more information go to: http://www.vivaflorida.org/


The program visits the following cities to explore the vast history and culture that has influenced Florida cuisine:

oldest house kitchen
St. Augustine

Featuring a re-enactment filmed with Florida Living History, Inc. at Fort Mose Historic State Park of the ‘First Thanksgiving’, the sights and sounds of bustling St. George Street, and scenes at The Oldest House and the Peña-Peck House, home of the Royal Spanish Treasurer. More...

columbia restaurant

Featuring the legendary Columbia Restaurant, the oldest and largest Spanish restaurant in the state, and the family-owned La Segunda Bakery, famous for Cuban bread made with a family recipe dating back to the Spanish American War. More...

Key West

Featuring Pepe’s Café and Steakhouse, the island’s oldest restaurant and 5 Brothers Grocery & Sandwich Shop, a locals’ favorite for café con leche, a mixto sandwich, and bollos, the traditional Cuban fritters. More...


Featuring the venerable Versailles Restaurant, as well as Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood for Puerto Rican mofongo, and Ceviche 105 in Miami for classic Peruvian ceviche. Also featured is Douglas Rodriguez of d’Rodriguez Cuba, Miami Beach. More...

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